wtorek, 15 sierpnia 2017

Italian Restaurants - Italia Galeria Lodzka

For all of you Pizza lovers, here is the place in Lodz that you may not think off but you should.
Located in a shopping-mall, looking a bit out of date but run by a Italian family with heart and soul, this restaurant does not make any compromise on how real Italian food should really taste.
From Pasta to Pizza, the food is perfectly cooked and taste exactly how it should.
As per the service, very friendly and well organised, only one twitch - if you have pasta and pizza at the same table you may find that one gets served before the other.... other wise no complains.

My view: worth the stop, non pretentious, great food - a must go
Food:        *****
Service:    *** 1/2 (This due to the difference in timing on delivering the main )
Value:       ****

czwartek, 9 maja 2013

Back and ready

Here we go, back after a long time this due to private factor, but luckily for you I am back.

Today I will have two reviews

Bella Napoli (Manufaktura)

If a year a go I was not very kind I must say that now I will be awful , the portion I received where miserable, the food mediocre, the service almost non existent the wine warm and the price absurd.

So do you really want my opinion, no I don't think so, but the only recommendation I can give you today is avoid the place, at least until the management does not get their act together.

I still think there is potential and still I believe the management can improve,  but I may just drean as it seems that been at Manufaktura gives them security and it does not really matter to them what we say and feel as there will always be some poor sod going for bad service and food not worth the price.

Well on this point I even pass the stars....not even considering it.


Nothing to say, aside a slightly slow service - but food was great and testing, portion where perfect and the atmosphere was very good

I highly recommend a lunch in the garden during the sunny day's that will come, price quality no complains and in line with the service given.

Yes their lunch menu is affordable to anyone and well worth it.

Go and enjoy it, as I did.

Service: ***
Food: ****
Quality: ****
Price/Q: **** (because of the really good lunch price)

I wish you all a great time and hope you enjoy your summer.

sobota, 4 sierpnia 2012

Hello everyone, sorry if you did not see any comment from my side lately, but aside some family business that I had to take care in Switzerland  I have also broken my Achilles tendon ( Aaaa this ancient Greek) this blocking me in bed or in my room for quite some time. This for the great pleasure of my palate, and yes  for those who wonder I have  been served some amazing food from the  Malinowa restaurant during my first period of convalescence (be jealous hehehehe) .
I also like to point out that Ato Sushi served me quite happily on their only tiny outside table, has I was in my wheelchair, and as usual their service was very very friendly.
I do thanks all of those who have comment on my blog, they are always welcomed.
I promises , from next week i will start again testing and writing about the restaurants in Lodz.
In the mean time have a nice weekend

My friend who came and visit me for a small apero

Malinowa apero, well what can I say - very nice

czwartek, 5 lipca 2012

The Dorsz British Fish & Chips - Lodz

Who would have ever said that we would have a Fish and Chips shop here in Lodz, frankly I would never have set foot in it until I met someone at a camping evening that did recommend it.
So I did go and guess what...it was and is good, very good to be fair, and well above most Fish and chips I have tried in the UK. So well done and keep it going.
The Fish is fresh, the oil is changed regularly, and this you can feel it from the taste and the way the food looks as per the smell in the restaurant this also due to the well air-conditioned rooms, it helps with the smell (almost nome).
Do I recommend it ? Yes for a fun and casual pint with friends in front of  a F&C, calamari or scampi plate.

As much as I love Scotland was also glad not to see the infamous fried Mars-bar ;-) on the menu board, that would have been a killer.

Food: ****
Service: ***

"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do"
Walter Begahot

Restaurant Kamari (Greek Taverna) - Lodz

Holala it is summer and the Greek taverna Kamari, in Lodz, does deliver that nice Mediterranean feeling one expects from such a restaurant in summer.
The food is good, in fact for such a restaurant it is well above average, the service is friendly and well taken care off, sadly for all of us there is no Sea nor Beach around the veranda,  but it does not matter as the veranda does help to give you that summer holiday feel, and with a bit of imagination the cool breeze blowing in the late afternoon can be, with a bit of imagination, the one coming from the sea side.
Yes I do recommend it, I enjoyed it, friendly and relaxed with its casual touch it does deliver good food and a nice experience. Go with friends and enjoy it, relax on the veranda with a glass of Ouzo and some meze, who cares if you are not in Greece, you are in Lodz and the boat sails on.

Food: ****
Service: ****

Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued "Socrates"

niedziela, 17 czerwca 2012

Restaurant Sofa - Lodz

What a deception, what a blow to my expectation. Some people and comments called it "a overtly trendy eatery that gets our thumbs up for not just delivering on the style front, but also on the substance". Well I dont know if they had dinner there lately but it was a complete turn off - no substance and no style.
The food was what I would consider at the limit of acseptable and in some cases not even there and my son, who is not a cook, could have done a better plate presentation that they did, disappointed ooooo YES, very much so.
This small restaurant house hidden in a courtyard off Piotrkowska that was supposed to be a jewel and blow my mind bringing me to a new high was in fact the low point of my evening and frankly it did blow me - but - off.
The service was friendly even if slightly chaotic, the girl did her best. My friend who took me there was apologetic but frankly it was not his fault and maybe the review we read where done few years a go....dont know.
There is nothing I can write that will sound positive, so I will go again one more time, as usual, to give them a chance in the hope to see some improvements, even if I think the kitchen should really be given a RED card.

Food: **
Service: ***
Atmosfere: ***
Price/Quality: **

"Food is pleasure or so it should be"

piątek, 1 czerwca 2012

Restaurant Anatewka - ul. 6 Sierpnia 2/4- Lodz

review Restaurant Anatewka - ul. 6 Sierpnia 2/4- Lodz:

Not much to say frankly, the new Cooks are just out of this world (if they are not new then they have made a great job in renewing them selfs) , the food is just outstanding and the service as friendly as ever. There was a point in time I wondered if they where loosing their shine, but nop, they just had a bad patch and readjusted and moved forwards in a positive way.
The kitchen may seem slow but when you get your food , frankly, there is nothing you can say - you just sit and taste it with a great smile on your face.
I have tried part of the new summer menu, and allowed the cook to choose for me and my guest the dinner to be served and this more then once, and up to now I must say he has done a great job, I have not one complain, not one black spot to write about -mmmmm- what will he do next to surprise me...I wonder...... well do not want to bore you all with my memories of wonderful nights at Anatewka - so yes I am upgrading the food.

Food: ******
Service: ***** 
Atmosfere: ******
Price/Quality: *****

Eating is always a decision, 
nobody forces your hand to pick up food and put it into your mouth.
Albert Ellis, Michael Abrams, Lidia DengelegiThe Art & Science of Rational Eating, 1992