wtorek, 15 sierpnia 2017

Italian Restaurants - Italia Galeria Lodzka

For all of you Pizza lovers, here is the place in Lodz that you may not think off but you should.
Located in a shopping-mall, looking a bit out of date but run by a Italian family with heart and soul, this restaurant does not make any compromise on how real Italian food should really taste.
From Pasta to Pizza, the food is perfectly cooked and taste exactly how it should.
As per the service, very friendly and well organised, only one twitch - if you have pasta and pizza at the same table you may find that one gets served before the other.... other wise no complains.

My view: worth the stop, non pretentious, great food - a must go
Food:        *****
Service:    *** 1/2 (This due to the difference in timing on delivering the main )
Value:       ****

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