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Ato Sushi - ul. 6-go Sierpnia 1/3, Lodz

阿東寿司で素敵な食べ物, hehehe, now for all of us who do not speak nor read Japanese, this should say great food at Ato Sushi...well ----  yes it is ----
When you walk in you may feel the place is a mixture of fusion of styles, between the trandy, casual and arty - the tables are slightly close to each others but do not get bother by it, The food is impeccable, it is extremely good and to some extent, depending on the night, exceptional.  
The service is very friendly and professional even if you are served by the new waiter or waitress or even the new Sushi cook or his assistant.
The kitchen may have some bad days, but mostly even when under pressure because the place is full they do perform as one expect they should, and if they don't they do apologize to you in their own ways,  which makes you feel that they do really care about you. The hot food is also well done and prepared. The presentation of the Sushi, Sashimi and warm plates are good and most of the time above good.
The choices of Thèe and Sake is also great, giving you that extra flavor that most other Japanese restaurant, excluding a couple,  can not give you.
For some unspecific reason some time (rarely but they do happen) thinks for one reason or another are not up to the standard you expect or you may get seriously disappointed or nervous about what you have in front of you, well been a long term client I can tell you this moments are rare and in fact if they happen when you are there and by any chance they do not realize it, give them another chance. I have and am impressed by the continuity of the quality that has been kept by the team working there in the last 12 month.
By the way it is a Family friendly restaurant, so you have no excuse not to go, get your boy or girl - children are welcomed as adults :-) - and enjoy the lunch or/and  dinner.

Food: *****
Service: *****
Atmosfere: ****
Price/Quality: ****

Pics by Luc

One of the best Japanese Restaurant in Lodz 

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