niedziela, 1 kwietnia 2012

Hot spoon and Ato Sushi on watch

Two Restaurant on watch, I revisited Hor Spoon and Ato Sushi and here are my new comments:

Hot Spoon Manufaktura possible down grade to 3 star for food:
Slightly disappointed from my original visits and comments, it seems, sadly, that the sparkle is slowly fading away. The food was still good but, some how, the taste was getting blander and more homogeneous through out the plates. I must say that  I was taken aback and surprised as I remember my happiness to finally have found some real Thai taste, now not so sure anymore.  I do hope it was only a bad day but if it was not I am forced to review my original comments. Service still great - that saved the evening.

Ato Sushi in for a possible 6 star across the board:
I can Only say positive thinks bout it, I would highly recommend office outing there to, we had ours and I must say it was great, everyone was satisfied even those who do not eat sushi or sashimi. The Service was spot on and friendly. The food could not have been better.
Yes it still is in my top 5 Restaurant of Lodz, keep up the good work .
I am frankly considering putting a 6 star across if the all package stays as high as it is now.
Well done.

2 komentarze:

  1. I guess you meant Hana Sushi ;)
    Yes, their sushi is delicious, but the service so snobbish! (at least at Pietryna).

    Thanks for your reviews, waiting for more!

    Cheers :)

  2. Sorry I miss spelled the restaurant name, I ment Ato sushi.
    As per Hanna sushi, well my review and feelings have not changed at all from my original one.