niedziela, 19 lutego 2012

Antica Roma - Lodz

Another one bites the dust, this is a restaurant that think having an Italian name like Antica Roma and a beautiful decor will make up for the bad service and mediocre food . 
I went 3 times, just to make sure I was not on a unlucky strike, as the reviews kept on saying how wonderful the food and service are. Maybe I am just unlucky but any one telling you that this so called high-end restaurant think good food and service go hand in hand has great delusions.
The menu may be inspiring with the amount of choice you think you may have, but if out of the 3 items you asked, at least one to two are perpetually unavailable, then it becomes a farce. 
The service is mediocre if not bad depending on who serves you,  maybe I did not wear a suit or look the part in this supposed high-end restaurant, next time I will be slightly more posh.
One of the waiting staff is impressively arrogant, the others staff where ok, excluding one, who - on my first time there- I really felt sorry for, as she was obviously uncomfortable and was trying her best to serve 3 Italian that new exactly what they were talking about.   
As per the food, the pasta, gnocchi and salads are average, what did surprise me positively is the pizza, good and frankly probably the only think worth on that menu I have tried up to date.

Food: **  
Pizza: *** (For Lodz standards) 
Service: **
Atmosfere: **
Price/Quality: *

If you are into Zen and Yoga then it could be an interesting night out, as probably your patience may get stretched to its limits.

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  1. They have already placed a padlock on the door.. as expected.

    Browar Do Brasil might be next in line if keeps the bad work up.

  2. Yes...some how sad, has they could really have done something with it. But hey now someone else has a chance to prove himself...
    As per Browar I am contemplating the right words to describe it, a side the beer there is little complimentary one can say.
    Well will see