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3 Japanese Restaurant Reviews Lodz

Ato Sushi

What can I say more then I already said in the past, aside the fact that the food is extremely well prepared across the board and that everything I have taken up to date is absolutely wonderful I should also congratulate the Head Chef for preparing some astonishing surprise sushi/sashimi plates. As per the service is still good even when under stress, one may think that all is honky dory with my review....and yes it is one of my top 5 Restaurant in Lodz, ...BUT there is a BUT...sadly they have just made me mad once..hehehehe ...it happens also at Ato Sushi, they sold out my preferred Sake - a bottle that I did ask to keep for me at least 10 time and they promised and confirmed to do so, but, as we know there is always a but, when I asked for my bottle guess what..it was not there and gone...yes one little black spot (one needs to find something - if not what one should say at the end).

My review is simple:  a upgrade for the food to the maximum level, as per the service and atmosphere unchanged (don't forget my bottle next time :-) ) ; and a extra start for food/price/quality

Food: ******
Service: *****
Atmosfere: ****
Price/Quality: *****

Keep the good work, it is always a pleasure coming back to you.

Tokyo Sushi
Well, what can I say, still a good casual Sushi Bar, with a friendly atmosphere.
So if you feel like having a relaxed and casual drink and dinner around a Sushi bar table I still would recommend Tokyo Sushi, it is the place to go, the pricing is more then fair and the food and service are good.


Food: *****
Service: **** 
Atmosfere: ***
Price/Quality: *****

For a relaxed and casual evening.

Geisha Sushi 
The Restaurant just does Sushi and Sashimi plates, they do them well but the service is quite poor - I am sorry to say this- it is almost if you are disturbing them - maybe it was a bad day, maybe I was just tired, but this was the impression we all had. So I will  grade the Restaurant with reservation and will go again just to make sure of my feelings on their service and food. 
One think is for sure, they are slightly overpriced for what they deliver, and just this should make you think twice before going there.

Food: ***
Service: ** 
Atmosfere: ***
Price/Quality: ***

Not on my top list

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