środa, 1 lutego 2012

Restaurant Bellanapoli - Manufaktura - Lodz

I entered the almost empty restaurant at around 1715, it was my second time there and frankly I did not know what to expect, the first time I had mix feeling about it and now I would know exactly how I felt.
Food wise, a side some criticism on the pepper sauce for the steak (made up with a bland tomato basis - sadly), was a pleasant surprise and I must say who ever was in the kitchen at the time did a great job.
The pasta was done properly, the steak cooked as asked to the waitress and the calamarri in pomodoro where delicious.
Service wise, surprisingly, it was slightly slow and for this there could be no excuses, as there where no more then 4 tables full and the serving girls could not have been so busy.
The place is big, with tables stuck one beside each other  with no much space nor privacy between them, Character wise we could have been anywhere, not much to relate to and the Italian music in the background, sadly, did not really do much to uplift the atmosphere.
But if you are at Manufaktura and you want a good meal (I do recommend the fish dishes, I had fish both time and both time it was excellently made) and are not in any rush, before a movie or after it or during your shopping I would consider it, however be careful as I think it is slightly overpriced for what it gives.

Food: ****
Service: *** 
Atmosfere: ***
Price/Quality: ***

Do not search for seduction nor emotions in the restaurant atmosphere  but concentrate on the food, the kitchen does deliver the real taste you search for in souther Italian cuisine , so enjoy it. 

Pic by Roza 

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