czwartek, 5 lipca 2012

The Dorsz British Fish & Chips - Lodz

Who would have ever said that we would have a Fish and Chips shop here in Lodz, frankly I would never have set foot in it until I met someone at a camping evening that did recommend it.
So I did go and guess was and is good, very good to be fair, and well above most Fish and chips I have tried in the UK. So well done and keep it going.
The Fish is fresh, the oil is changed regularly, and this you can feel it from the taste and the way the food looks as per the smell in the restaurant this also due to the well air-conditioned rooms, it helps with the smell (almost nome).
Do I recommend it ? Yes for a fun and casual pint with friends in front of  a F&C, calamari or scampi plate.

As much as I love Scotland was also glad not to see the infamous fried Mars-bar ;-) on the menu board, that would have been a killer.

Food: ****
Service: ***

"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do"
Walter Begahot

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  1. Definetely! Cod nuggets with delicious Spicy dip is my regular food now :)
    Not to mention the big screen for watching all those championships we have in these days being aired, free wifi and almost cheap Carlsberg!