środa, 30 maja 2012

Amarant - Lodz

A very very nice surprise, the menu card is a mixture of West & Central European fusion, the food is served in the right quantity and as per the taste, well, we are up with the best;
I do congratulate the Chef and his kitchen for a wonderful job, this also includes the presentation.
The service is slightly slow and left to desire but it is also friendly and warm.
Prices wise I would say the menu card is very good, there is value for what you get, and as per the special daily lunches they are totally worth it.
The ambience is good and warm, one does feel comfortable and at ease at and this is also  a extra positive note.
I do recommend it both for business lunch as for a pleasurable outing.
I hope they keep the standard up, it is worth it (just improve the service and you will be a serious competitor to other well known restaurants)

Food: ****
Service: ***
Atmosfere: ****
Price/Quality: ****

Bravo, nice to know you are there - will be back soon.

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