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Downgraded restaurant reviews:

Hot Spoon at Manufaktura - Downgraded across the board-
Frankly speaking the great initial  idea and taste has slowly faded away to my disappointment; what could have become a great Thai restaurant has now become the usual "here we go, bland taste all across" and I say this with sadness as in the beginning the promises where high and the quality was up there. Yes disappointed and sad, I do sincerely hope they get their act back together and deliver the food they served at the beginning with its explosion of different tastes bringing a absolute pleasure to the palate.

out of six stars

Down one star across:

Food: *** 
Service: ***
Atmosfere: ***
Price/Quality: ***

The Restaurant has lost is sensual food touch,  lets hope they find it again. 

Bella Napoli at Manufaktura - Down graded

Been there few times, just to make sure I was not having one of those bad days that do happens, I still do have mixed feelings about this Restaurant.
Food wise, the main criticism has to be directed at the meet dishes, all the sauce I did try where bland and the steak not once was cooked as I wished or as the person that was with me requested.
As per the pasta dishes they where as I would expect from a Italian Restaurant with a Italian Chef. Their forte are the Fish dishes and frankly, I do now think, they should concentrate on that, unless they can get their act together on the meat side.
Service wise we still have it slow and slightly disorganized, but friendly. 
Yes the restaurant is benefiting being at Manufaktura, people just go in if they want a Italian meal,   even if I sound harsh I would raccomend the Kitchen team to get their act back together, because you can really do great thinks, but it seems at present that you are in a self content mode and this is quite sad.
the price do not match most of the Menu and I still considered slightly overpriced for what it delivers.

Down one star
Food: ***
Service: *** 
Atmosfere: **
Price/Quality: **

No seduction nor emotions in the cooking  Please please do start delivering the real taste you know how to, one can perceive it through the fish Dish, don't waste what could be a great kitchen.

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