niedziela, 17 czerwca 2012

Restaurant Sofa - Lodz

What a deception, what a blow to my expectation. Some people and comments called it "a overtly trendy eatery that gets our thumbs up for not just delivering on the style front, but also on the substance". Well I dont know if they had dinner there lately but it was a complete turn off - no substance and no style.
The food was what I would consider at the limit of acseptable and in some cases not even there and my son, who is not a cook, could have done a better plate presentation that they did, disappointed ooooo YES, very much so.
This small restaurant house hidden in a courtyard off Piotrkowska that was supposed to be a jewel and blow my mind bringing me to a new high was in fact the low point of my evening and frankly it did blow me - but - off.
The service was friendly even if slightly chaotic, the girl did her best. My friend who took me there was apologetic but frankly it was not his fault and maybe the review we read where done few years a go....dont know.
There is nothing I can write that will sound positive, so I will go again one more time, as usual, to give them a chance in the hope to see some improvements, even if I think the kitchen should really be given a RED card.

Food: **
Service: ***
Atmosfere: ***
Price/Quality: **

"Food is pleasure or so it should be"

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