czwartek, 5 lipca 2012

Restaurant Kamari (Greek Taverna) - Lodz

Holala it is summer and the Greek taverna Kamari, in Lodz, does deliver that nice Mediterranean feeling one expects from such a restaurant in summer.
The food is good, in fact for such a restaurant it is well above average, the service is friendly and well taken care off, sadly for all of us there is no Sea nor Beach around the veranda,  but it does not matter as the veranda does help to give you that summer holiday feel, and with a bit of imagination the cool breeze blowing in the late afternoon can be, with a bit of imagination, the one coming from the sea side.
Yes I do recommend it, I enjoyed it, friendly and relaxed with its casual touch it does deliver good food and a nice experience. Go with friends and enjoy it, relax on the veranda with a glass of Ouzo and some meze, who cares if you are not in Greece, you are in Lodz and the boat sails on.

Food: ****
Service: ****

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