sobota, 4 sierpnia 2012

Hello everyone, sorry if you did not see any comment from my side lately, but aside some family business that I had to take care in Switzerland  I have also broken my Achilles tendon ( Aaaa this ancient Greek) this blocking me in bed or in my room for quite some time. This for the great pleasure of my palate, and yes  for those who wonder I have  been served some amazing food from the  Malinowa restaurant during my first period of convalescence (be jealous hehehehe) .
I also like to point out that Ato Sushi served me quite happily on their only tiny outside table, has I was in my wheelchair, and as usual their service was very very friendly.
I do thanks all of those who have comment on my blog, they are always welcomed.
I promises , from next week i will start again testing and writing about the restaurants in Lodz.
In the mean time have a nice weekend

My friend who came and visit me for a small apero

Malinowa apero, well what can I say - very nice

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