czwartek, 9 maja 2013

Back and ready

Here we go, back after a long time this due to private factor, but luckily for you I am back.

Today I will have two reviews

Bella Napoli (Manufaktura)

If a year a go I was not very kind I must say that now I will be awful , the portion I received where miserable, the food mediocre, the service almost non existent the wine warm and the price absurd.

So do you really want my opinion, no I don't think so, but the only recommendation I can give you today is avoid the place, at least until the management does not get their act together.

I still think there is potential and still I believe the management can improve,  but I may just drean as it seems that been at Manufaktura gives them security and it does not really matter to them what we say and feel as there will always be some poor sod going for bad service and food not worth the price.

Well on this point I even pass the stars....not even considering it.


Nothing to say, aside a slightly slow service - but food was great and testing, portion where perfect and the atmosphere was very good

I highly recommend a lunch in the garden during the sunny day's that will come, price quality no complains and in line with the service given.

Yes their lunch menu is affordable to anyone and well worth it.

Go and enjoy it, as I did.

Service: ***
Food: ****
Quality: ****
Price/Q: **** (because of the really good lunch price)

I wish you all a great time and hope you enjoy your summer.

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