niedziela, 5 lutego 2012

Ristorante del Popolo, Breganzona - Switzerland

Meat lovers, welcome to my world. During this trip to Switzerland I went back to the Ristorante del Popolo, which has being run now by its second generation and has become a institution in Lugano.
Its trade mark are good quality meat , great quantity of food, friendly service and most of all affordable family prices.
The meat fondue is exceptionally good, the steaks, T-bone Steaks and what ever else you wish to have is of good quality; the restaurant is not great looking nor made for a snobbish evening but you will be surprised at who you may find and meet inside it, from the mayer of a souranding town to famous artists mixing up with families, students and workers. all of them in a casual and low tone atmosphere,  yes it is a family affair and you can feel it.
Just a little draw back, when getting out of the Restaurant you may smell of food, fried or cooked, but frankly speaking it is worth it.
So if you travel to Lugano, try to book a table at the Restaurant, it is just in the outskirt of the city and enjoy its meat in good company .

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