czwartek, 16 lutego 2012

Piwoteka - Ul. 6 Sierpnia - Lodz

For all of you Beer lovers, if you are in Lodz do go to the Piwoteka in Ul. 6 sierpnia. 
You will find a variety of beers from a wide range of countries around the world and a pleasant atmosphere, the extra bonus is that the place is not a loud one, so conversation can be enjoyed.
If you do not know or have doubts about what kind of beer you would like, take a look at the offer board on the wall beside the bar, and ask one of the bartender to guide you, they are friendly and do know enough about the golden brew to be helpful, surely you will find the beer that suits your mood and the weather outside.
For the smokers, there is what I call the fish bowl or Tank on one end of the room, so you can sit comfortably, having your beer and smoking your cigarette, with out having to go out on the freezing cold weather.
If you feel like you can have a game of cards or scrabble or just sit for a quite talk or just ponder about life, yes the place has its charms and that extra  je ne sais pas quoi, that gives it that life pleasant sensuality.

Friendliness : ****
Drinks : ***** (for the variety of  Beer presented)
Charme: ****
Price: *****

Pic by Roza

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