sobota, 28 stycznia 2012

Hana Sushi - Manufaktura / Ul. Piotrkowska - Lodz

The group has two restaurant in Manufaktura, and I must say they are both decently good but not the best Sushi in town. Depending on the day the service may vary from good to poor, I was lucky as in general terms I have always found a decent service in both the restaurant. The atmosphere is fast food like and not to warm, but after shopping in Manufaktura if you want a fast Japanese bite then it can be quite suitable.

The Restaurant in Ul. Piotrkowska is a let down, most of the time empty with a weak and poor service, food wise just acceptable. I would not recommend it, quite a disappointment.

star system minimum 1* maximum 6*

Food: ***
Service: ***
Atmosfere: ***
Price/Quality: ***

Ul. Piotrkowska
Food: **
Service: **
Atmosfere: **
Price/Quality: **

No particular recommendation

Pic by Roza Van Der Blaast

Pic by Roza Van Der Blaast

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