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Hotel Grand - Restaurant Malinowa - Lodz

A pearl to be discovered, strangely enough quite under rated by the locals who still view it mainly for banquets, seminars and specials evening.
The food is exceptional, the wine list is grand and the service extremely good and friendly. The belle epoc style may not be to everyone taste but frankly, in my view, it is a plus and gives the room that special magical touch. If you dine by yourself in such a vast dinning room, you could feel slightly uncomfortable at first but then your imagination will take you back to the 30' and the late 1900 centuries and your culinary experience will be completed.   The real draw back  can be found sometime in winter, when the room gets slightly cold as it is so big and electric heating system have to be put out (this does take a bit of the fairy-tail and romantic side of the place away).

I do recommend it heavily, for romantic dinner as the retro deco gives it a strange romantic and passionate moods, creating that special atmosphere that may bring those taboo thoughts into reality. Also good for business lunch or dinner because you can be parted from every one else discussing your business openly and in a relaxed mode with out being heard or disturbed by anyone else around.

Congratulation to the cook and his team, every plate is worth it and up to date I have not found any faults. The price is above average but it does reflect the quality and the service provided.

star system minimum 1* maximum 6*

Food: ******
Service: ***** 
Atmosfere: *****
Price/Quality: ****

One of the top 3 restaurant in Lodz, if you did not go yet (and most of you probably did not) it is a must.
( I would love to give it a six star for its service, but still there are few problems with it)

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